We are Ender Vida. We are a group of ex soldiers based in Europe. We are professional killers. We will take out a target for you without need for a reason.
You do not tell us why you want this person / people dead as if we get caught (which has never happened in over 100 kills), the police will not be able to extract any information from us about the client.
We operate all over Europe and have a small armoury in every major country within the Union. We can make hits in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, UK, Norway, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Estonia, Sweden and The Netherlands within days. For the other countries, it will take longer as we need to get guns in. However, it will take no more than two weeks to get that done, in which time, we will collect intel on the target.
We are trained weapons experts with soldiers from the USA, France, Canada and Russia with us. Upon request, we can make your enemies suffer.